4 more days.
I’m so done with this.

tea-with-biscuit replied to your post “I went to the lego bus stop today and it’s GONE! Replaced with a real…”

Wait, there was a LEGO BUS STOP? WHERE WAS THIS?

it was for hamley’s! but it disappeared overnight ! ):

  • I went to the lego bus stop today and it’s GONE! Replaced with a real one overnight! Why!?
  • there’s an annoying cut on my toe. How do you even get a cut on the top of your toe….?
  • yesterday on the bus, a man eavesdropping on my phonecall told me his friend is looking for a flatmate in the area I want. Is this creepy or is it FATE?
  • STRESSED. Maybe because of looking for a room…. I can’t really email that bus guy, can I?
  • Weirdly lonely. Even though I’m sharing a single room right now. Maybe even disappointed this thing with okc guy is over. Not sure how to find new man based on new research findings…
  • TIRED. Maybe because I’m working 11 days in a row and even though I’ve only done 4 so far the thought of the rest of the week is exhausting…
  • all of this is so negativeeeeee uuuuh this isn’t right….

Yesterday the guy from okcupid said his long distance girlfriend is going to move in with him on Saturday so it’s probably the last time we can meet, at least like this.
I didn’t actually ask about his relationship before because I don’t think it’s really anything to do with me, but I knew from the start what kind of relationship we would have. He was straightforward about it, but I’ll also admit, because he’s not good looking to me and because I’m vain I could only see us as friends anyway even though we get on really well. It’s actually the first time I’ve been in a sexual relationship where I’ve actually been completely comfortable knowing I can trust him or ask him for anything too. So I think I’ll really miss it! But it’s been really good for me to realise that even in a relationship like this, someone shouldn’t fuck you around or make excuses or not listen to you or even hurt you. I don’t get it but I think this is my most successful relationship to date haha and he’s definitely raised my standards!
I’ve just realised this is written in interview speak… Haha too many recently

A ton of people I know came to my shop today. a couple of friends said they were in the area and popped in, a girl who used to work there last year….and most weirdly: 1km guy. I’m going to call him Zero, so he doesn’t get confused with any other 1km guys.
I was actually trying not to notice him, because I wasn’t 100% sure it was him in the first place but then he asked me a question directly so I had to look right at him and he was like “omg you work here?” 
I dunno why but I felt really awkward talking to him and basically ignored him for the 2 hours or whatever he was in the shop. Actually, the last time I saw him he invited me out to meet a bunch of his friends, and I feel like we hardly spoke. I think I mentioned before that he’s pretty good looking and I mean, we met on 1km: I know what he could be like. But it seems like he is totally not like that, and we have no chemistry either and something about seeing him today almost made me dread seeing him again? But I don’t know why coz he’s actually really nice and also tried to include me with his friends…
Maybe I just don’t know him well enough and that’s why…or I might even be shy, because it’s so rare to meet someone in this way and they actually turn out to be a decent human being…..

today I saw a woman with a tattoo.
she had a tattoo on her visible cleavage.
a tattoo of 3 SPERM.

Lego bus stop for Hamley’s Toy Store, Conduit Street, London

Couldn’t get a photo of the whole thing because my bus came! Maybe next time (:

Several annoying things happened . (waking up at 5:30 today to get to work at 7 - only to find I didn’t actually start until 8:30 being one of them. and my feet hurt.) 
But I also:

  • got another interview
  • finally sent my notice: I’m quitting at the end of the month
  • made plans for my day off (for once)
  • bought a shimmery gold eyeshadow
  • found a real bus stop built of lego (!!!)
  • ate chicken nuggets

Sometimes I get a wave of nostalgia in summer humidity, the bubbles in a glass of beer or a handful of change at the bottom of my purse.
I have to remember, at this point, that I should still be on an adventure.

Cheonan, August 2011

Oh. I’m an idiot haha
People are so awfulllllllll !!

I’ve returned to the treacherous world of online dating.
Here’s a couple from this week:

small dogs is a definite no no if we are to have sex a cat will be enough haha

I mention on my profile that I’m starting to like small dogs as much as cats, so this isn’t completely out of the blue. But I’m actually failing to see the logic here. Does this person believe it is possible to have kittens? Are they planning on having a litter with me? If this had any punctuation, would it be easier to understand? Probably not.

and another:

Unfortunately google translate won’t help you here. ;)



peckham problems

packed up my massive suitcase, rolled it easily onto the train, up and down the lifts to transfer….
and then Peckham. It’s a sunny afternoon, I know where i’m going - it isn’t far, everything is fine….
I turn out of the station past the first of the zillion hair shops on the road and suddenly the wheels stop working so I look down… and someone’s damn weave has got caught all round the wheels !!!! 
Only in Peckham !!!

HELP ME OUT: Study in korea directory.

I get a lot of asks about people asking me about studying at specific schools in Korea, since I only went to a few I want to know who to refer people to if they ask me such questions

So I want to make a list of all the people that study or studied in Korea.and blogged about that experience.

Korea University KLI, levels 2b - 4 , autumn 2011 - summer 2012

(Check my tags for more info about it!)