I was explaining how I hurt my ankle to 1km guy (maybe I’ll name him later) and this lead to a lot of confusion.
“What did you do to him?!”
And I finally realised that he thought I said uncle haha
He definitely learnt the difference between ankle and uncle now (:

LTI Korea has a new contest!

Spreading the word for LTI Korea ~  
The competition is to create a video review on Youtube and you can look at the details right here. There is a selection of stories to choose from which are all available to read free online, and there are 3 prizes to be won: a $500, $100 or $10 Amazon voucher~ (GREAT, right?! ) 

even if you don’t participate, take a look at the fiction available online: 
20th Century Korean Literature and New writing from Korea
good luck if you decide to enter ! (:

  • job interview 2 out of 3 today. they’re all the same company but different locations and have the exact same interview process. was a bit shaky on tuesday, but nailed today’s, I think.
  • had a coffee with my mama after and finally did some bra shopping. she treated me :3 so finally I have nice bras that fit! woooo!
  • she is being so nice ;-; she told me to check prices for language school in Korea and do some serious calculations on how much it will cost and they will help me put some money together ~
  • basically I hope they will give me today’s job full time as it’s closer to home home. Even though I can’t stand the idea of leaving London, it’s probably best ~
  • sorry, all I do is talk about £££, but this is a struggle !

anyotherday replied to your post “Along the same sort of lines…”

Don’t do it!!! Throw him out like yesterday’s trash!

I know I know I knowwwwwww but I am so bad at doing this! (metaphorically and in real life !! hahaha Im such a mess! )

seizethenamjas replied 

O.O Chicken is dangerous. Let him prove that this is his mind with time. Only time will tell if he actually believes what he’s spouting. I have a small part of my life that I waste hating him for how he’s treated you. I’m not ready to stop yet.ilikeu

thank you always, lovely, for letting me rant about these things to you! <3

aidiot replied 

Ohhhhhh. This is so similar to a situation with me and a guy from HK right now. I literally always end up saying “he’s fucking crazy/psycho” or whatever. Take it easy though, ok?

 A bit of craziness can be good fun but not when it actually makes you uncomfortable and you really can’t work out what that person is thinking…. ha. Hope it all works out for you too !! (:

Along the same sort of lines…

Mega spam from chicken.
He called me a lot, sent a gun emoji when I didn’t answer (craaaazy), I’m sorry I did wrong, I’m sorry I was bad, I’m sorry I made the wrong choice, I’m sorry, I think we can be together now, I can make you a promise now for the first time.
And he’s right, he’s never promised me anything before, we haven’t been anything and neither of us made any commitments or plans. It wouldn’t have made sense to either and I’ve always said I’m not going to make any plans about my future or the country I choose to live in just for him. But it seems like every time one of us says we won’t do this anymore, we shouldn’t talk, the situation is too difficult someone ends up breaking it… I don’t know. It’s not enough for me to drop everything and take a shot at an ldr until I maybe come to Korea or something (ridiculous) but over the last 2 years I haven’t been able to drop him either.
But he’s also just a bit mad and I know I shouldn’t waste time with someone who makes me feel shit. But this is also the first time that he has actually acknowledged that he was wrong. I told him I was busy and would think about it.
Oh my god he’s crazy ….

clandestinejoys replied to your post “when it rains it pours”

Life would be so much more awesome if men just spontaneously turned into cheesecake.

I’m imagining a scenario in which, instead of worrying that I’ll never get married, my mum is worried that I’m not eating enough cheesecake………..

when it rains it pours

typical ~
met a random guy from okc the other week. We’re pretty much neighbors, he’s really chilled out, his body is damn fine and let’s just say he knows where to put it. He seems pretty keen to hang out again but he has a ridiculously bad receding hairline and I’m awful and vain and UGH I guess it doesn’t matter because we both know this is pretty cas but also I really don’t want to go anywhere outside his flat with him. But we can just stay in, right? I’m out of here in a couple of weeks anyway! But I want a pretty boyyyyy /strop

Giles kept turning down my invitations because of work for literally a month. So I decided not to ask again coz I might be giving the wrong impression. But then he asked if he could come over last week for a bit and I gave in. But I really wasn’t into it. Then he got weird and also quite emotional. I think he might think we’re a thing. In which case, I’m sorry I didn’t check. But I’m getting Pants man vibes from him like, “I’ve been faithful to you! Yes, I know I only text you when I wanted to have sex with you once every 2 weeks, but that doesn’t make me feel any less!” bullshit. 

Then I met that guy last week. And basically…. Boy has pretty face and a shirtless pic on 1km, texting a lot in the evenings giving me one impression, and when we met he was just really polite and left after a couple of beers saying his sister will wonder where he is - he seems so harmless and actually just friendly. (do I smell a rat?) Either one of us is being cautious, we have no chemistry or genuinely he wants to be friends. He asked me to come and meet one of his friends today too… so who knows what he wants…? Pretty sure I wouldn’t mind…

If all these men just spontaneously turned to cheesecake I would be way more satisfied.




This is the single most important invention of 2014. No question about it.


You mean my fellow penguins would guide me places and it would solve my always getting lost because of my dire sense of direction problem?


I’ve called my mum every evening this week. I guess this is what happens when you live alone….

baeoora replied to your post “£££”

You were the winner?! Congratulations!! That’s awesome money to go crazy on Amazon with! I got one of the second place prizes! :D

I thought that might be you !! Congratulations ~
I think I’m going to go crazy - I’ve never had this much money purely for spending !! haha


No more rent to pay for 3 months thanks to a lovely friend lending me her home ! Deposit should come back soon too .
Had a few great days at market recently - way better than earning minimum wage
And won the big prize ! I’m going to buy something crazy on amazon. And get my flatmate a present. Is that cheating ?
Then should I save money or maybe invest in tefl or something? Rent is like , 2/3 of my pay this is amazing

SO MANY hilarious misunderstandings yesterday meeting with 1km guy. 

On my side. I said 점심 for focus , presumably mish-mashing every word I possibly could have that might have been relevant: 관, 초, 중심 etc. but managing to come up with only the ridiculous.

Even more hilarious, because I only spoke about 10 words of Korean the whole time… literally everything I said in Korean I had to repeat about 5 times, and then he would be like “AH!!” and repeat what I said. He said he didn’t expect my Korean to sound like that. Like what?!?!  
I absolutely hate being asked to repeat myself and every time I get more of a sense that I got it wrong ….(I mean, obviously I make mistakes, like this 점심 mess, but when I’m right, it’s very discouraging!!)

woke up and somehow - I had absolutely no pain before bed - my achilles tendon feels ruined. I’m hobbling around and it seems like there’s no way to fix this apart from rest …. 
I don’t know if I’ll be able to work tomorrow, but I can’t just sit around and I need the money…
Also I’m supposed to be meeting this guy in a couple of hours, but I really don’t want to be limping around after him uuuugh how has this happened?! 


  • I have a degree (!!!)
  • My dissertation was not a disaster
  • KCC offered me a free ticket to Hamlet. And a +1. Nice.
  • Gonna meet cute guy on Thursday. 
  • I look sassy in a pencil skirt.